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To maintain our standard of excellence, we are continually looking for quality candidates to add to our team. Our Rising STAR Partner Internship program is a rare opportunity that allows you to apply the skills and knowledge gained through your collegiate training in a practical setting all while building your seed dealership. Our Rising STAR Partner Internship program will provide you with paid training and business planning assistance for a career in the fast-paced and ever-growing field of professional seed sales.

Members of the LG Seeds Rising STAR Partner Internship team will have the opportunity to gain the tools and information needed to run a successful professional seed dealership. From training in digital agriculture, sales, agronomy, building your dealership brand through marketing and more, our Rising STAR Partner Interns have the opportunity to learn how to build and run a successful seed dealership and be your own boss while going back to the farm!


am i a rising star partner?

Are you a self-starter, motivated and want to build your own LG Seeds seed dealership? Then you may just be a fit for the Rising STAR Partner Intern program.




Join the LG Seeds team as a Rising STAR Partner Intern. You will have the opportunity to receive in-depth training, mentorship, guidance and financial support from our team and established STAR Partners as you work to build your own LG Seeds seed dealership.



As you enter the fall [harvest and intense selling season], the support from our team will continue to help you lock up orders and grow your dealership.



Rising STAR Partner Interns that successfully learn, grow their seed dealership and meet all of the goals and objectives set out for them will become full-fledged STAR Partners. Welcome to the team!




+ Who is LG Seeds?

LG Seeds is part of AgReliant Genetics, LLC—the largest independent, seed-only organizations in the United States. That independence means access to the best traits and germplasm in the industry.

+ Who is AgReliant Genetics?

AgReliant Genetics is the largest independent seed-only business and third largest corn seed company in the United States. The company was formed in 2000 as a joint venture between Limagrain, a French-based farmer-owned company, and KWS, a family-run company headquartered in Germany. AgReliant Genetics is headquartered in Westfield, Indiana and has the 3rd largest research program in the United States.

+ Who is an ideal candidate for the Rising STAR Partner Internship program?

The ideal candidates for the Rising STAR Partner internship are college juniors or seniors pursuing an agriculture-related degree who have a desire to run their own seed dealership business. We are looking for those that have shown strong academic performance, are enrolled in a collegiate ag-degree program and are passionate about the seed and agricultural industry. Preference will be given in areas where we currently lack dealer coverage.

+ How do I apply?

Click here: Rising STAR Partner Internship Application Or...go to www.agreliantgenetics.com and click on the 'Careers' tab. In the search box, type 'Rising STAR Partner'. Click 'Apply Online' and complete the application form.

+ How will I be compensated during the internship?

Rising STAR Partner interns will report their hours worked on approved tasks and will be paid based on number of hours worked.

+ What type of training will I receive?

Rising STAR Partner interns will receive in-depth training on agronomy, digital agriculture, sales skills, business development and planning, marketing to build awareness and product knowledge. We cover the costs of transportation, hotels and meals for the training weeks.

+ Where will the training take place?

Group training weeks will be located at the AgReliant Genetics corporate office in Westfield, IN and other central locations. One-on-one training with the Dealer Development Managers, Agronomists and District Sales Managers will occur in-field, nearer to your home farm location.

+ Can I receive college credit for the internship?

Students seeking college credit must provide all relevant materials to AgReliant's Human Resources department prior to the start of the internship. The Rising STAR Partner Internship program may meet credit requirements at some colleges and universities. However, LG Seeds and AgReliant Genetics cannot guarantee that credit will be granted.

+ Is there an opportunity to continue this experience after the summer internship is completed?

Additional opportunities to continue working within the Rising STAR Partner program may be available through January for interns who complete and are approved for the STAR Partner dealer agreement and meet established goals throughout the internship.