Rising STAR Partner: Brayden Dues

STAR Spotlight_Dues.png

Brayden Dues, a recent graduate from the Agronomy program at Wilmington College in Ohio, has been learning a ton during his Rising STAR Partner internship with LG Seeds.

After hearing about the internship from an LG Seeds employee, Brayden thought this position would provide a great opportunity to dive head first into the seed business. He wanted to get a hands-on experience in what it takes to be a seed dealer.

“I really enjoy the people I get to work with and the farmers I have talked to,” Brayden shared. “The Rising STAR Partner internship is a great chance for young professionals to learn about the seed business and start a seed dealership.”


This summer, Brayden visited many farmers and worked to raise awareness of the LG Seeds brand, Advantage Acre, and his potential dealership. Between scouting fields, walking plots, and gaining knowledge about products, he made sure to put up many field signs.

“I have been doing what I can to help farmers grow the best crops possible while getting the greatest return on their investment,” he explained.

Brayden’s future plans are to become a seed dealer, help on the family farm, and see what other opportunities present themselves.