Rising STAR Partner: Derek Hingst

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Derek Hingst has started his second year at Northeast Community College for Agronomy after spending his summer as a Rising STAR Partner intern. Derek has always hoped to start a seed dealership in his area and thought this internship would get him started on the right foot.

“I am hoping to be able to learn more about other growers’ operations and create a friendly bond with them,” says Derek. “If I officially become a STAR Partner for LG Seeds at the end of this internship, I could have a great start to my business because of this opportunity.”

Derek was able to learn the basics of good sales practices during the Rising STAR Partner training in Westfield, IN. He also has had plenty of opportunities to ride-along with various LG Seeds employees in order to learn all sides of the business.

“I enjoy how friendly everyone is when working with the new interns,” says Derek. “They are offering us great insight – like taking a diamond in the rough and polishing it into something valuable to the company.”

Rising STAR Partner: Brayden Dues

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Brayden Dues, a recent graduate from the Agronomy program at Wilmington College in Ohio, has been learning a ton during his Rising STAR Partner internship with LG Seeds.

After hearing about the internship from an LG Seeds employee, Brayden thought this position would provide a great opportunity to dive head first into the seed business. He wanted to get a hands-on experience in what it takes to be a seed dealer.

“I really enjoy the people I get to work with and the farmers I have talked to,” Brayden shared. “The Rising STAR Partner internship is a great chance for young professionals to learn about the seed business and start a seed dealership.”


This summer, Brayden visited many farmers and worked to raise awareness of the LG Seeds brand, Advantage Acre, and his potential dealership. Between scouting fields, walking plots, and gaining knowledge about products, he made sure to put up many field signs.

“I have been doing what I can to help farmers grow the best crops possible while getting the greatest return on their investment,” he explained.

Brayden’s future plans are to become a seed dealer, help on the family farm, and see what other opportunities present themselves.

Rising STAR Partner: Lance Muirheid

Meet Lance Muirheid, an Illinois College graduate who majored in Ecology and minored in Entrepreneurship. He worked for LG Seeds in the past in both production and research and took on the Rising STAR Partner internship with the hopes of another opportunity to promote the brand.

“The thing I enjoy most about LG Seeds is the community within the company,” says Lance. “Everyone in all departments across the country are real team players and have the same goal in mind – helping the farmers feed the world.”

This summer, Lance and the other Rising STAR Partner interns toured multiple AgReliant research facilities, planted corn and soybean test plots, and learned about the farming operations in their respective areas.


“I look forward to getting to know farmers in my neighborhood on a more personal level,” says Lance. “I want to help them get the most return on their investment for their operation.”

After this internship, Lance hopes to establish his own STAR Partner dealership to accompany his work as the 7th generation farmer at Muirheid Farms.

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Rising STAR Partner: Tyler Bailey

STAR Spotlight_Bailey.png

Tyler Bailey, a senior at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, is majoring in Applied Science (general agriculture) and minoring in Animal Science. He is enjoying his summer as a Rising STAR Partner intern for LG Seeds!

Tyler jumped at the opportunity to become a part of the LG Seeds team when he heard about this internship. So far, the summer has been full of training and applying the information. He has even had the opportunity to interact with farmers and dealers.

“This internship has made me try new things and get out of my comfort zone,” he shared.


Tyler has enjoyed his Rising STAR Partner internship for many reasons, a few being the freedom to set his own schedule and work outside for a majority of the day. He is also working hard to create relationships with customers.

“I am looking forward to building a strong customer base and having good relationships with them,” says Tyler. “I want to see successful results in my customer’s fields. I am also excited to have my own business and make important decisions for that business.”

After graduation, Tyler plans to support himself through his STAR Partner dealership. He has goals to expand and build a shop for the business and become a major seed dealer in his area.

Rising STAR Partner: Corey Ring

STAR Spotlight_Ring.png

When Corey Ring heard about the Rising STAR Partner internship, he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to potentially become a seed dealer for LG Seeds. Corey studied Plant and Environmental Soil Science at Texas A&M University. He enjoys being involved in the agriculture industry and is looking forward to continuing his journey as a Rising STAR Partner.

Halfway through the summer, Corey had already met with 10 potential farmer customers and is making appointments for a second meeting to learn more about their individual operations.

“I look forward to finding seed solutions with LG Seeds to help farmers improve their operations,” he says.



“The team of people at LG Seeds is passionate and fun to work with,” he shared. “It has also been neat to meet the other Rising STAR Partner interns from different parts of the U.S. who share the same passion for agriculture that I do.”

Corey plans on successfully farming in south Texas where he grows corn, sorghum, and cotton. Not only that, but he plans on operating a successful, large dealership as a STAR Partner for LG Seeds.

Rising STAR Partner: Blake Arnold

STAR Spotlight_Arnold.png

Meet Blake Arnold, a Rising STAR Partner intern from Iowa State University. As a sophomore studying Agricultural Business, Blake thought the Rising STAR Partner program sounded like a great opportunity to begin a career in the seed industry.

Since his week of training at AgReliant Genetics headquarters in Westfield, Indiana, Blake has been prospecting growers and learning from current LG Seeds employees.


“I really enjoy this position since my hours are very flexible,” says Blake. “It’s almost like I’m my own boss already! I look forward to meeting more farmers in my area, learning about their operations, and introducing them to LG Seeds.”

After obtaining his degree from Iowa State, Blake plans to return to the family farm and become an LG Seeds STAR Partner.

Rising STAR Partner: Jacob Mehlhouse

STAR Spotlight_Mehlhouse.png

Our Rising STAR Partner intern Jacob Mehlhouse found the program on a whim. What was next? A summer full of training, opportunity, and growth.

A senior at North Dakota State University studying Crop and Weed Sciences with a minor in Agricultural Business, Jacob received an email from a professor about the Rising STAR Partner opportunity.

“I thought it looked like something that had lots of potential,” says Jacob. “The thought of an opportunity like this where I could gain outside experience while continuing to help on the farm was really appealing.”

 The Rising STAR Partner interns received training during the month of June. They spent a week together at AgReliant headquarters in Westfield, Indiana where they completed a series of in-depth training sessions on everything from genetics, sales, business-management, agronomy, and more. Since then, Jacob has met with Technical Team Agronomists, Sales Account Managers, growers, and prospects.


“I look forward to meeting with more local growers and getting to know them and their operation’s needs throughout the rest of my internship,” says Jacob. “This position is unique in the fact that it allows me get out in the local farming community and help other farmers.”

In the future, Jacob hopes to expand upon this internship and become a STAR Partner for LG Seeds.